Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Viktor Yanukovych stresses importance of media freedom in Ukraine

“I consider it unacceptable. And I’m emphasizing once again that being the President of Ukraine I will always defend media freedom, the journalists and do everything possible to ensure transparency of power and openness of its actions to the press and society.

Due to the above-mentioned cases of disrespect for media freedom, I have decided to hold the soonest possible discussion with journalists from all over Ukraine and to meet the press representatives for an open and sincere talk about life on April 22.

I hope that our dialogue will provide an opportunity to build relationships between the branches of power and the fourth power, which media certainly is, on the basis of partnership and common interest. And we all share the same interest which is the wellbeing for our country and its citizens", said President Yanukovych in his interview to "Interfax Ukraine" on April 20.