Thursday, March 25, 2010

Viktor Yanukovych: We have to develop our own "Ukrainian initiative" to shape new security architecture in Europe

th anniversary of the Security Service of Ukraine, held at the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine".

The President congratulated servicemen and veterans of the Security Service present in the hall on the occasion of their professional holiday.

In his speech Viktor Yanukovych said:

I am sure that the most professional and efficient workers from among the young officers, whom I see quite a lot in the hall, will benefit from new promotion system.

I am convinced that the role and importance of the Service in ensuring the national security should be significantly increased.

I mean all the elements of national security, such as foreign, defense, social, economic, energy, food, environmental and information policies.

Developments in the world of the last two to three years revealed a number of problems that present direct threat to the national security of Ukraine.

First, the lack of mechanisms to support sustainable development of national economy and ensure economic sovereignty during the economic crisis became an apparent threat.

The economic crisis has proved that present level of national economic security of Ukraine is unsatisfactory.

Herewith, the main threats are largely of internal nature.

Among the main flaws of national economy remain structural imbalances, high energy consumption industries, undeveloped financial infrastructure and lack of domestic sources of financing.

This makes Ukraine an accessible subject to external economic influences. We witnessed it on our own.

Second, the growth of global instability and conflicts in international relations brought to the fore the problem of the country's defense capability.

First of all, we need to clarify and, perhaps, revise our understanding of the threats to the military security of Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, the Military Doctrine should retain defensive nature. Being a peacemaker-country, Ukraine can not have another.

We understand well that we should clearly define ways of organizing systems of military defense against any military aggression.

The principle of sufficient defense capacity should be the core of a new Military Doctrine.

In practice this means a gradual transition to professional army, development of new weapons systems, primarily rocket forces and air defense systems, improving management systems of the Armed Forces.

At the same time the Military Doctrine of Ukraine should respond to political, economic, social, informational and ecological challenges.

Only in this case it will meet requirements of the present standards.

Third, ineffectiveness of the strategy of accelerated membership in NATO is apparent, since Ukraine is de facto non-aligned.

We need to develop qualitatively new approaches to ensure the proper status for Ukraine in the system of global and regional security.

We are aware that today Ukraine should not choose from collective security systems that exist on the continent.

Any decision will only aggravate threats to our national security and lead to increased tensions in international relations.

This will stimulate the growth of political and social tensions within the country, as we have seen it during recent years, and might provoke a change in the balance of the forces in Europe.

Ukraine, being a responsible member of international relations, will seek other approaches to ensure national security and interaction with existing military-political structures.

Today our choice is the closest cooperation without integration.

This is the only principle to be applied in Ukraine regarding all existing systems of collective security.

At the same time, Ukraine's neutral status doesn’t mean dissociation from the process of stabilization in Europe.

Ukraine should actively join discussions about developing a new European security policy.

Considering the European integration strategy of Ukraine, we should more thoroughly study the EU approach to reduce tensions on the continent.

We need to develop our own "Ukrainian initiative" to shape a new security architecture in Europe.

This is a new idea of security in Europe focused on new challenges that involves not only the EU countries, but also their nearest neighbors and partners, in particular, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

I hope that the Security Service will actively participate in all areas of work.

However, I see your mission in combating the global and domestic threats, since you are a special task law enforcement authority.

They are: total corruption of public administration, encroachment on the strategic economic potential of our country, state sovereignty and territorial integrity, international terrorism and transnational crime, systematic smuggling and disruptive activities of foreign intelligence.

These in my opinion are priorities and primary tasks for the Security Service.

I believe that Security Service personnel can effectively work to face strategic challenges in restoring effective state governance that adequately responds to the demands of society and every citizen.

I see you as highly intellectual and sharp tool that can protect the interests of Ukraine.

Therefore, I’m putting on your leadership enhanced personal responsibility for guaranteeing the rule of law, combating crime and any infringement on state sovereignty in the country, any of its regions or area of work.

I will personally supervise the issue of financing and logistical support to the Service, the appropriate legal and social status of the Security Service personnel.

Being the Supreme Commander in Chief, I will do all necessary to provide you with appropriate conditions to carry out the state tasks, which are of national interests.

I will also initiate as soon as possible the adoption of new laws that are to improve work of law enforcement system and provide you with the necessary capabilities to fight crime and assault on state sovereignty.

I wish luck in operational activity to every officer.

May fate be favorable to you and your beloved ones, generous with good health, happiness, kindness and family well-being, and may your children and family be always proud of you!

I also have a pleasant mission to confer State Decorations of the President of Ukraine to the best servicemen of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Thank you!