Wednesday, March 17, 2010

President meets Accounting Chamber Chairman

At the meeting, held at the Presidential Administration, sides have discussed elaboration of 2010 State Budget and fight against corruption in budgetary sector.

"It is of course a great misfortune that this year’s budget preparation is so late. But we absolutely must mind all the flaws of 2009 budget and the difficult situation that is now in the economy", the President said.

Viktor Yanukovych said that it is unacceptable to burden enterprises, half of which are unprofitable, with even more taxes.

He requested Valentyn Symonenko to provide suggestions on how to optimize spending of budgetary funds for the state to be able not only to live through this difficult year, but also lay the foundation for economic growth in the future.

The President emphasized importance of using state funds in priority areas to be identified in 2010 budget rationally.

From his part Valentyn Symonenko informed the President that not a single article of 2009 budget was fully financed. "And the figures that somehow look like they correspond with the law, are, in fact, a fallacy. This particularly concerns foreign borrowing, payment of wages and work of the Pension Fund", said the Accounting Chamber Chairman.

"The fact that the crime occurred is absolute. Now, for us to move on, the punishment of those guilty must follow", said Valentyn Symonenko.

The Accounting Chamber Chairman also informed the President on the state of affairs in the Pension Fund of Ukraine and offered his suggestions on improving its work.