Friday, March 12, 2010

President: I will keep up to my pre-election promises to the military

At the event President Yanukovych expressed his hope that soon a more in-depth meeting will be held to discuss the situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"I am well aware that in recent years Ukraine's Armed Forces suffered considerable damage. I know that there are many overdue social and other issues. And of course I will dedicate much attention to enabling us to discuss each of them and develop joint projects on how to solve them and by what means", said Viktor Yanukovych.

Pointing to main tasks for the newly appointed Minister, Viktor Yanukovych stressed the need for effective defense reforms aimed at providing Ukrainian army met the highest international standards.

"This is the main goal", said the President of Ukraine. He also noted that another important task is to both preserve and improve the potential of Ukrainian Military, including that of the personnel.

Another priority in the Ministry of Defense’s work according to the President should be improving the defense capability of the state. "All the problems that might arise in this area, we will timely solve. This applies to both government orders, and housing problems. I will not abandon any item of my presidential campaign message regarding the Armed Forces of Ukraine", he said.

Also, Viktor Yanukovych said he would always welcome suggestions from the servicemen and support them if it is possible.

Along with Mykhaylo Yezhel the President has introduced Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Sivkovych to the personnel of the Ministry. According to Viktor Yanukovych, Volodymyr Sivkovych will supervise Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement affairs.