Saturday, March 13, 2010

President: Depoliticizing all state bodies to the maximum would guarantee that people engage in state affairs. Our policy should be in the efficiency of our work

At the beginning of the meeting Viktor Yanukovych congratulated Government officials on their appointment and formation of the new parliamentary coalition, which in the opinion of the Head of State would enable successful implementation of programs jointly developed by the President and the Cabinet.

"The most important thing here is that it gives us an opportunity to unite efforts of all branches of power: the Parliament, the Government and the President of Ukraine in restoring order in the country and overcoming recession in the economy", said Viktor Yanukovych, pointing also to the high level of professionalism of all of the newly appointed Cabinet members.

During the meeting one of the first joint decisions of the President of Ukraine and the current Government was the decision to terminate activity of the Opposition Government. “The work in it is a wonderful memory of good, fruitful cooperation", said Viktor Yanukovych and assigned Mykola Azarov to make use of all the positive results of Opposition Government’s work.

Beside that Victor Yanukovych stressed the need to examine the activities of Tymoshenko’s Government, conduct an international audit of the state of Ukraine’s finances, etc.

Speaking about stuffing policy of the Government, the President warned that the practice of 2005 must not be repeated and stressed assurance that top-level professionals should stay in their positions.

"Depoliticizing all state bodies to the maximum would guarantee that people engage in state affairs. Our policy should be in the efficiency of our work", said Viktor Yanukovych.

One of the most urgent challenges for the Government and its chairman Mykola Azarov, the President said, is preparation of 2010 Budget. "While working on it you must take into account the critical situation in the country", the President said.

The most important thing, according to Viktor Yanukovych, is overcoming the recession that must occur through reforms. "The ideology of reforms should be the core activity of the Government", he said, adding that all ideas and initiatives should be aimed at improving people's lives, primarily, pursuant to the law on social guarantees.

Addressing the audience, the President of Ukraine said: "I understand well that you, like me, have got a harsh heritage. I am also well aware that in the nearest future we must take effective measures to ensure that people saw that the new government really works” he said.