Friday, February 26, 2010

President Yanukovych meets with VR Speaker Lytvyn

The President emphasized that it it is crucial to immediately establish an effective coalition and efficient Government. He criticized absence of State Budget 2010 saying that it means "finances and economy are managed manually".

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that beginning with March 1, activate negotiations on forming the coalition should start in the Parliament called on Volodymyr Lytvyn to be active organizer of the negotiations. From his part the Speaker said he "understands it should be done". 

Speaker Lytvyn also stressed that "de facto there is no coalition" in the Parliament. According to him it is proved by the fact that out of more than 2000 legal acts approved by the Parliament, only 130 were adopted by the coalition. "If there is a coalition in the Parliament, there must be a budget", said Volodymyr Lytvin. He added that the opposition should also work actively in the Parliament.