Friday, December 11, 2009

President holds meeting on childcare

"The politics and the dialogue which we have initiated four years ago, the laws and government decisions taken during this time show that we have found the correct way to address this significant problem for society", he said.

One of the most important steps towards improving the situation Victor Yushchenko called the radical increase in financial aid to parents with newborns. Through such actions, he said, 20% more children were born in Ukraine last year than in 2004. "I have the opportunity and pleasure to say that this program was extremely effective", said Victor Yushchenko.

He drew particular attention to improvement of the demographic situation in Ukraine in recent years. "After three years we can say - one fourth of Ukraine already has a progressive regional demographic dynamics", said Victor Yushchenko, adding that at such a pace in 2015 for the first time Ukraine will have absolute growth of the population.

The President also pointed to effectiveness of the joint project of government and business "Warm a childe with love”.