Thursday, August 20, 2009

President firm to defend his veto on new election law in Constitutional Court

If state deputies overcome President's veto on the Law of Ukraine "On alteration of some legislative acts of Ukraine on elections of the President of Ukraine", President Victor Yushchenko will dispute the law in the Constitutional Court, he said today answering to questions from reporters.

"If the parliament does not agree with the suggestions introduced the Law by the President, I certainly will sent the appropriate submission the Constitutional Court ... My response will be clear and unequivocal: I will appeal to the Constitutional Court, the only authority to date, which is able to put an end to this", said Victor Yushchenko.

Head of State stressed that he could not agree with many provisions that were introduced to the public law on the presidential elections. "The law pulled through by two political forces, BYuT and Party of Regions, in fact makes Ukrainian election unfair, illegitimate, puts a lot obstacles ... to fair democratic elections", the President said.

At the same time, Victor Yushchenko praised some provisions of the law, such as shortening of the election campaign.