Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ukraine expects openness in discussion about unification of Orthodox confessions - President

"The aim of our dialogue is to talk confidentially openly and honestly about the things that are sensitive in the religious life in Ukraine. We talked about one of the problems of the Ukrainian church - the Orthodox separation that exists", said Victor Yushchenko in his statement for the press.

"The greatest desire of the Ukrainian people is to live in a united Church", he said adding that the road towards that is no easy but expressed confidence in its success.

"We would like to see understanding from our spiritual leaders in the process. Many times we have returned to the discussion regarding the unification in the church, to dialogue between churches as a sway of solving one of the biggest problems in Ukrainian Orthodoxy", said the President.

Victor Yushchenko stressed that the situation impacts social stability and spiritual unity in Ukraine as a whole. "It's hard to talk about stability, national sovereignty, when there is no understanding between the leading Orthodox confessions", he said.

The President thanked the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus for understanding and openness when considering the issue.