Friday, July 31, 2009

Ukraine concerned by slow negotiations on Eastern Partnership - Andrii Goncharuk

President Victor Yushchenko is concerned about slowing negotiations with the European Commission on filling the Eastern Partnership foreign policy initiative of the European Union with practical content said Deputy Chief of Staff Andrii Goncharuk at his briefing today.

Victor Yushchenko is convinced that the initiative should focus not only on projects but also on new mechanisms that would facilitate the real integration between partner countries and the European Union.

"The President believes that the Eastern Partnership should develop the old mechanisms of cooperation that exist between the EU and partner countries. Instead, the future projects of this initiative should be innovative and make positive influence on such areas as institutional development, regional development, development of an integrated border management system, deepening energy cooperation, etc", said A. Goncharuk.

He expressed confidence that the prompt resolution by the EU of all the procedural issues concerning the elaboration and approval of projects lies in the interests of both the EU and the states parties to the initiative. Andrii Goncharuk mentioned that the Eastern Partnership has a number of conceptual and practical principles, which fully meet the vision of the President on the prospects of deepening European integration and country gaining full membership in the EU.