Thursday, July 2, 2009

President takes part in celebration of the 440th anniversary of Union of Lublin

Together with the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski, Lithuania - Valdas Adamkus and former Chairman of the Parliament of Belarus Stanislav Shukhevych President Victor Yushchenko visited the ecumenical service at Lublin Cathedral.

Then, at the John Paul II Lublin Catholic University the President and heads of foreign delegations laid flowers at the monument to John Paul II and Cardinal Stefan Vyshynski.

After that the state leaders and high representatives took part in the opening and consecration of the memorial in honor of the 440th anniversary of Union of Lublin treaty signature.

Heads of State and foreign delegations jointly participated in activities on the occasion of the anniversary of the historic document on the Lublin area in the city center near the monument Lublin Union.

In his speech at the arrangements Victor Yushchenko said, "With the highest dignity we speak out loud our national truth. We respect our common history, because we see hard and difficult school of life in it that taught all of us important truths. To be free and always support freedom of one another. To be equal and never let into our hearts the slightest intention of supremacy, nor that of humiliation. To be ourselves and love this great God given diversity in each other, which shapes our part of a single face of Europe".

Participants of the event also laid flowers at the monument to the Union of Lublin.