Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lozinsky case proves inefficiency of law enforcement in Ukraine - President

The investigation of Kirovohrad region murder with main suspect Viktor Lozinsky shown inefficiency of law enforcement bodies said President Victor Yushchenko at the meeting of General Prosecutor's Office collegium.

He repeated that Kirovohrad region government and leadership of law enforcement bodies must understand their responsibility and resign. "Blood on these people's hands is due to your professional inactivity. This is your subordinate [District Attorney], you had hired and were obliged to watch effectiveness of his work", said the President.

The President also expressed conviction that it is impossible that the officials did not know about the behavior of MP Lozinsky in the region. "There is impunity in your system. Hasn't the Prosecutor's Office known how many people Lozinsky threatened to murder? Just look at how many witnesses testified in the case. Hasn't Motsnyy seen this?" said Victor Yushchenko.

The murder in Kirovohrad region Victor Yushchenko called an example of serious problems in the political and law enforcement system. He criticized the fact that simple citizen is unable to get protection from law enforcement bodies. "Most of the staffing decisions in the police and prosecutors' offices are ineffective. Many people get a job there just by a coincidence, because for many it became the protective umbrella and for the rest a source of shadow earnings", said Victor Yushchenko.

He called upon Oleksandr Medvedko and high officials in law enforcement bodies to have enough courage to make necessary personnel changes especially in areas where they are long overdue. "We must cleanse the ranks of law enforcement bodies", said Victor Yushchenko.