Tuesday, June 30, 2009

President takes part in the VII congress of Our Ukraine Party

President Victor Yushchenko took part in the VII congress of Our Ukraine Party.

“Our Ukraine begins its renaissance, its recreation ... The party has started to come out of the difficult situation it had been in for last few years”, said Victor Yushchenko in his address at the congress.

The President expressed assurance that the party would restore its ranks and return to dialogue and understanding, which the political force needs, especially at this time. “I look at the changes that await us now, those regarding our political force and the situation in the country, with optimism”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

The President again stressed that “Our Ukraine” is the only political force that consistently acts in the interests of development of Ukraine and has a strategy of national development. “I am convinced that we are the only political force that is able to provide answers to what choice Ukraine needs” - he said, adding that “Our Ukraine” is the force that on behalf of the nation guides building of Ukrainian state.

President Yushchenko stressed that “Our Ukraine” raises many topics, which often are not popular. But however unpopular they are, Victor Yushchenko stressed, these subjects are important for further development. “Few political forces in Ukraine put such issues in the center of its activity as ours does”, he said.

Among the most important tasks for the party, Victor Yushchenko named development of democracy in Ukraine. After all, he said, is a basic feature of a sovereign state. “Without democracy there is no sovereign state or its integrity. We are talking about democracy as one of the steps towards building our country”, said Victor Yushchenko.