Tuesday, June 16, 2009

President takes part in opening of the new Doctors’ Training Center in Cherkasy

In Cherkassy President Victor Yushchenko took part in the opening of the Doctors’ Training Center.

At the meeting with doctors from Cherkasy region that took place on the eve of their professional holiday, the President thanked them on behalf of all Ukrainians for their daily service. He stressed: Ukraine needs a full-scale reform in healthcare.

“We need deep structural reforms in the field aimed at improvement of a doctor's social status and expansion of healthcare facilities network”, - said Victor Yushchenko. He informed that next week he plans to hold a meeting with regional governors and workers in healthcare to discuss with them the program of healthcare development.

Speaking about the strategy of reforming the sector, the President stressed that in the coming 1-2 months it is necessary that “the Government and other institutions approved a number of decisions”. He expressed assurance that it is possible to make many effective steps in reforming healthcare. Victor Yushchenko urged Ukrainian doctors to become partners in this process.