Friday, June 26, 2009

President suggests that the agenda for next NSDC meeting included the case of murder in Kirovohrad region

Opening today's NSDC meeting President Victor Yushchenko addressed members of the Council with the suggestion to put the question Valeriy Oliynyk’s murder on the agenda of the next meeting.

“I would like to the Security Council to discuss the issue. We have agreed with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Interior Ministry and the Security Service, that we will be regularly informing the public on how law enforcement and judicial system react on the threats to order and legitimacy concentrated in the incident”, - he said.

The President reminded that in response to his instruction a special investigation group was created including officials from central apparatus of Prosecutor General’s Office, Security Service and Interior Ministry. Today the group went to Kirovohrad region to conduct the investigation.

“I am grateful to the Prosecutor General’s Office that it responded rapidly and dismissed the Prosecutors of the region and the district as well as District Police Department Head. I hope that by today’s evening the Head of Regional Police Office will be dismissed as well. For this is a matter of esprit de corps: the man who allowed such personnel appointment, even if he himself is innocent, but if he accepted such barbarians in the ranks of the police, should as the head of the department bear this responsibility as well”, - added Victor Yushchenko.