Saturday, June 27, 2009

President satisfied with the first year of Ukraine's membership in the WTO

President Victor Yushchenko thinks the first year of membership of Ukraine in the World Trade Organization has been positive, he said today at the NSDC meeting, at which the Cabinet’s report on the results of the first anniversary of Ukraine's membership in the WTO was discussed.

“In these 12 months many changes occurred in state trade policy. And there were more good changes than the bad. In addition to formal membership in the WTO ... for the first time in last 5-6 years we have achieved positive balance of trade”, - he said.

The President noted that in 2008 the negative trade balance of Ukraine has reached 14 billion dollars. Therefore, in his opinion, positive trade balance remaining at the level of several hundred million dollars during last few months is a «victory» and great achievement. “Of course, this result is not only due to Ukraine's accession to the WTO, but largely a policy of National Bank, which stimulates national export», - noted the President.