Tuesday, June 30, 2009

President holds meeting on administrative services

President Victor Yushchenko assured that the experience of Vinnytsya in establishment of ‘single office' administrative service centers should be implemented across Ukraine by the end of this year, he said opening the meeting on reforming the system of administrative services.

Victor Yushchenko stressed that there are two key problems in this area: absence of system in provision "of paid public services" and complexity and lack of opacity of the procedure.There are over 600 types of "paid public services" with  76% of them commercial. Only about 6% of paid services are administrative (meaning they can be provided only by the state authorities). 8% of paid services are common procedural actions artificially made individual services. 5% "state paid services" are connected to provision of information and clarifications. 5% of them are fees for normal authorities' functions, which these authorities purposely had identified as a "service".

The President invited those present at the meeting to discuss draft decree "On the concept of reforming of the administrative services system". The document in foresees elaboration and approving by the Cabinet Ministers before September 1, 2009 a single list of services provided by authorities and budgetary institutions with clearly defined fees for the services.

Victor Yushchenko also suggested adoption of the law "On the administrative services", which should be submitted to the Parliament in the first decade of September.