Friday, June 5, 2009

President calls upon international community to support preservation of democratic achievements in Ukraine

President Viktor Yushchenko met with G7 Ambassadors, some EU countries and the Representative of European Commission to inform them of the current political situation in Ukraine.

Speaking at the meeting President Yushchenko called upon the international community to support Ukraine in preservation of our democratic achievements, democratization of political life and prevention of the constitutional coup represented by coalition agreement between BYuT and the Party of Regions. He stressed that main aim of this coalition would actually be initiating illegal alteration of the Constitution.

The President noted that the coalition agreement foresees securing the office of Prime Minister for Yulia Tymoshenko for next 10 years  and transferring the right to elect the President to the Parliament through unconstitutional alteration of the basic law.

"This initiative is illegal because reduction of democratic rights or voting rights in particular is impossible in Ukraine without holding appropriate national referendum; it is fixed in the Constitution"- said Victor Yushchenko. He also added that the agreement between the Party of Regions and BYuT also includes extension of local councils and their chairmen cadence, as well as of the current Parliament. "All these initiatives are illegal... and in fact would be a constitutional coup", - noted the President.

Obviously, he said, this would mean losing all the democratic achievements of last years in Ukraine. "As the Head of State I guarantee that I will not allow illegal elections of the President of Ukraine in the Parliament and will be doing everything to ensure that Ukraine fulfilled all the assumed international obligations regarding protection of human rights and freedoms. But apparently only these actions will not be enough. I therefore appeal to the international community to provide all possible support to securing democratic development in Ukraine », - the President said, urging the ambassadors to convey information about the situation in Ukraine to the leadership of their states.