Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ukraine should follow UEFA decision and push forward preparation to EURO 2012 - President

In his interview to journalists in Istanbul President Yushchenko said that having selected four Ukrainian cities that will host matches of EURO 2012, the UEFA provided Ukraine with a clear-cut roadmap, which should be followed. “The decision was objective and fair and the principles, it was based upon, deserve respect”, - said Victor Yushchenko making comments on the results May 13 sitting of UEFA Executive Committee.

In his opinion, the biggest problem those responsible for preparation to holding the championship face is achieving the UEFA standards. “Each side responsible for preparation should understand that if a city is not ready to accept 4-5 thousand fans, it is difficult to talk about any preparation”, - said Victor Yushchenko. He also pointed to relatively low level of financing and conducting necessary work in general, and said that Ukrainian side should revise its attitude towards this project, especially in regional centers that will host the matches.

“I have no doubt that three cities beside Kyiv that should do preparatory work until November have chance to see the UEFA revising its decision” - said Victor Yushchenko.

Separately President Yushchenko emphasized that it is necessary to prepare all documentation for government and corporate guarantees for the work on the Euro-2012 project in 3 to 4 weeks.