Tuesday, May 26, 2009

President takes part in 'Authorities and business are partners' Forum

President Victor Yushchenko took part in the sixth forum for businessmen and representatives from all levels of state authorities "Authorities and business are partners".

In his address at the event President Yushchenko pointed to substantial progress reached since last forum in resolution of the most critical problems of businessmen in Ukraine. According to him the reform of regulation policy was conducted, 9 thousand legal acts were revised and 5 thousand were revoked or altered, the Law on Permits System was approved introducing European principles in the process of issuing permits for businessmen and simplifying the procedure, etc.

At the same time, Victor Yushchenko said, only two of the decisions approved at the last forum were actually implemented: Business Council by the Cabinet of Ministers was restored and National Report on the state and perspectives of development of business in Ukraine was prepared.

He stressed that free development of business in Ukraine is still affected by excessive number of inspection authorities and that the Government still sometimes uses these authorities to impose pressure on business in order to fill the budget. According to Victor Yushchenko such a policy is wrong in the time of economic and financial crisis.

President also said that reforming of regulatory and permits system is slow and that it harms competitiveness of Ukrainian business and slows down introduction of new technologies.

Speaking about supporting national business during the crisis President Yushchenko also pointed to importance of restoring crediting for businessmen as the situation at currency market begins to normalize and foreign trade balance is improving.