Thursday, May 14, 2009

President speaks at Ukrainian-Finnish Business forum

Ukraine is interested in broadening trade and economic cooperation with Finland said President Victor Yushchenko speaking at the Ukrainian-Finnish Business Forum.

He pointed to growth of total turnover between Ukraine and Finland recorded last year and said that it indicates growing interest of Finnish business in Ukraine.

President Yushchenko expressed assurance that the potential of business partnership between the two countries is even higher than the achieved results. As promising, he named such fields of cooperation as the preparation to holding EURO 2012 (according to preliminary estimates, the total cost of infrastructure projects to be implemented before EURO 2012 is about 25 billion dollars), the development of transit infrastructure, energy saving, in which Finland has a unique experience, tourism, etc.

The President also assured businessmen from Finland, that the Ukrainian economy would overcome the consequences of global financial crisis. The first encouraging signals of its recovery according to him are restoration of exports of metallurgical and chemical products, stabilization of currency market, positive balance of foreign trade, etc.
Beside that President Yushchenko reminded that on May 8 the cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF had been restored with the fund approving decision on providing Ukraine with 2.8 billion dollars stand-by loan.

Speaking briefly on the political situation in Ukraine Victor Yushchenko expressed assurance that development of democracy in would continue.