Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ministry of Transport and Communications: Anti-epidemic regime strengthened to prevent swine flu virus

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine is taking a series of measures to prevent penetration of a swine flu virus to the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Local Action Plan of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on prevention of penetration of swine influenza on the territory of Ukraine, in May anti-epidemic regime has been intensified and disinfection measures held in the places of mass concentration of people (airports, railroads, sea and river ports).

Instructions of crews, conductors, air stewards and other concerned personnel providing services to passengers have been conducted in order to familiarize with main symptoms of the flue and order of implementation of prophylactic measures in cases of revealing sick persons with signs of this disease.

The store of disinfection means and detergents afforded for use by the Ministry of Health have been accumulated. At the transport enterprises a store of gauze bandages, rubber gloves, protective glasses have been created to ensure individual protection of employees engaged into activity with passengers and transport.

At medical posts of railway and sea terminals and airports the rooms for temporary isolation of those coming from the countries where swine flu is claimed have been determined.

Medical and sanitary after-trip examination of crews of ships, trains and passengers is carried on for those arriving from the countries with the fixed cases of swine flue.

Among the other prophylactic measures is raising awareness of the population. In particular, among employees of the branch, passengers in waiting rooms, near booking-offices, inside transport means the Booklets on preventive measures for A(H1N1) flue virus are spread, while on the travel line and in crowded places an information concerning signs of the flue and the need to use personal hygiene means is announced via loudspeakers.