Thursday, April 23, 2009

President still ready to discuss holding simultaneous early presidential and parliamentary election

Answering questions of journalists President Yushchenko reaffirmed his readiness to support simultaneous early presidential and parliamentary election under condition of introducing alterations to electoral legislation.

“If we make political decision about changing electoral system, about abolishing unlimited deputies immunity, I am sure that President should also make a wise decision and demonstrate his readiness to support early presidential election”.

Speaking about current situation in the parliament President Yushchenko said that the worst thing is that in fact there is no parliamentary coalition in it. According to him no one has ever seen the list of at least 226 deputies that would constitute the coalition, no decisions were made on appointment of the new Cabinet and Prime Minister, neither was Government’s working program approved. In such circumstances, said Victor Yushchenko, well-coordinated work of the Government and the Verkhovna Rada is hardly possible.

Answering question about when the early election might happen, President Yushchenko said that it rather depends on the decision of the Constitutional Court he had appealed to for the interpretation of the situation with regard to the Constitution, than on him. “This is not a question of President’s incentive but the question of interpretation of the law”, - he said.