Saturday, April 4, 2009

President counts on society's support of his constitutional reform

Speaking at his press conference in Myrhorod, President Yushchenko expressed hope that the society would show support to alterations to the Constitution he had suggested and handed over to the parliament earlier.

President Yushchenko said that he is ready to public discussion o f the proposed alterations in order to reach national agreement on them.

Victor Yushchenko explained that main priority of the proposed alterations is decentralization of power beginning with the President. They also will establish a stable system for state authorities’ work thus finally leading the country out of the permanent political crisis.

According to him the upper chamber of the proposed bicameral parliament would provide stable work of state institutions and decrease political pressure on them. The lower house, on the other hand, would appoint the Government, conduct legislative work and would conduct political activity. He also denied the assertion that majority of states that have bicameral parliaments are federal.