Monday, April 6, 2009

Ministry of Industrial Policy tackles modernization of national enterprises

The Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine is paying a great attention to an issue of modernization of national enterprises as it will undoubtedly contribute to increase of amounts of production and positively influence the economy of our state in whole. So, on April 2 of 2009, chaired by Deputy Minister Serhii Hryshchenko, a meeting was held with representatives of a Japanese company, Mitsubishi to tackle implementation of provisions of the Memorandum of intentions on realization of joint Ukraine-Japan projects on modernization of the enterprises of mining and smelting and chemical complexes, energy machine-building, signed by the Minister Volodymyr Novystky on March 10 of the current year in Tokyo.

It should be noted on implementation of the requirements of the Memorandum the Ministry of Industrial Policy has readied a list of enterprises concerned in modernization by the Japanese companies. In the process of work the participants approved a decision to set up a workgroup comprised of specialists of the Ministry and the Japanese company to ensure future operative realization of conditions of the Memorandum. In the end it was agreed to determine a number of Ukrainian enterprises to be modernized at the account of investments of the Mitsubishi company within nearest time.