Monday, March 23, 2009

President tlaks to media after “EU-Ukraine: Partners for securing gas to Europe” Conference

After the International Investment Conference on the Modernization of Ukraine's Gas Transit System in Brussels, President Victor Yushchenko held a press conference.

Speaking to journalists President Yushchenko said that “the project is pan-European and its results will have strategic value for both European gas market and Ukraine”.

He said that for Ukraine the conference was very important chance of reputing allegations of Ukrainian gas transit system’s unreliability and added that Ukraine considers integration of its gas system into European network one of fundamental constituents of the process of European integration.

Victor Yushchenko informed that according preliminary calculations Ukrainian side plans to attract 2,5 billion dollars into reconstruction of the gas transit system with most of the funds used for reconstruction of the pipeline, underground storages and measuring stations.

Also President Yushchenko said that Ukraine-EU format of the talks was aimed at discussion of applied problems of “gas transit rather than gas supplies”. He said that Ukraine does not reject idea of other formats of talks within the framework of similar investment forums. “We are open to such a dialogue”, - said Victor Yushchenko.