Friday, March 27, 2009

President thankes the Cabinet, Naftogaz of Ukraine

President Victor Yushchenko expressed gratitude to the Government and to Naftogaz of Ukraine for their active support of the initiative launched in 2006 on modernization of Ukraine’s gas transit system and bringing it to European Union standards.

He emphasized that March 23 International Investment Conference on the Modernization of Ukraine's Gas Transit System became the final point in long multilateral talks and opened practical stage of implementation of the reached agreements.

According to Victor Yushchenko effective implementation of the agreements would raise Ukraine’s energy security, become an important step on the path of European integration and favor Ukraine’s image as reliable partner at energy market.

Therefore President Yushchenko requested the authorities to submit proposals to the Presidential Decree on the composition of Ukrainian coordinative working group and an action plan of implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels on March 23.