Tuesday, March 31, 2009

President takes part in a meeting of Coordinative boad on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis fighting

President Victor Yushchenko took part in a meeting of the Coordinative board on fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and drug addiction.

In his opening word President Yushchenko emphasized unacceptability of cutting financing of national program on fighting and preventing HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ukraine. “I again address the Government and regional governors – in 2009 all our obligations should receive financing”, - he said, adding that most of the attention should be dedicated to regions that have the worst situation.

Also President Yushchenko stressed that in times of economic crisis in search for additional financing it is reasonable and necessary to develop cooperation with non-governmental organizations, international institutions and business. Here noted that it is necessary to focus on rational use of externally acquired resources because “audit results show unsatisfactory implementation of projects and ineffective spending of money”.

As main priority in fighting HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ukraine Victor Yushchenko named preventive measures, first of all social commercial and informational campaigns. Beside that according to him it is very important to provide patients ill with the diseases with fullest possible access to treatment.