Monday, March 30, 2009

President speaks at National municipal hearings

President Victor Yushchenko took part in all-Ukrainian municipal hearings dedicated to reforming local government in times of economic crisis.

Speaking at the event Victor Yushchenko emphasized that democratic government is characterized by decentralization and bringing up the role of local authorities. According to him the mechanism should allow local communities to regulate local governance within the framework of the Constitution and legislation.

“The authorities should be closer to a citizen and vice versa. This is absolutely necessary for the authorities to carry out their real function of serving the citizens”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

In addition President Yushchenko said that because each of the regions of Ukraine is unique in its economic, cultural and natural composition and therefore has specific needs and interests, these interests should be protected by the parliament. Therefore President Yushchenko expressed opinion that establishment of the upper chamber of the Verkhovna Rada would be reasonable for providing better balance between regional and central interests.

It is doubtless, said Victor Yushchenko, that implementation of such a territorial reform would require alteration of the legislation.

Also President Yushchenko said that election system in Ukraine requires reformation. In his opinion it is necessary to preserve party representation in the Parliament to keep political parties answerable before the state for forming Government and its activity. At the same time it is necessary to establish personal communication between each state deputy and his/her voters.

“It becomes clearer with very passing day that we need the open list system… to create personal ties between each deputy and the territory”, - he said adding that such system will also eliminate possibility for “secretaries, bodyguards, people with dubious past and education” to be elected to the Parliament.  

According to Victor Yushchenko currently Ukraine has the situation “when there is no personal responsibility of deputies before their voters.