Friday, March 13, 2009

President meets students and lecturers of Ternopil Economic Institute

Within the framework of his visit to Ternopil region President Victor Yushchenko visited Ternopil National Economic Institute, where he had a meeting with the students and lecturers.

At the meeting President Yushchenko made his comments on external policy of Ukraine, internal economic and political situation in the state, etc.

He said that in order to overcome the crisis in Ukrainian economy state authorities “should conduct applied work rather than turn to populism”. Among the most important problems the President named “weak budgetary policy”, misbalanced Pensions Fund and Naftogaz business plan. However, according to Victor Yushchenko, Ukrainian economy possesses substantial internal resources, which could be used to resist the crisis.

Beside that the President emphasized on importance of restoring cooperation with the IMF, thus giving a positive signal to international community that Ukraine has conditions suitable for business and investment.

Speaking about the early election to Ternopil Regional Council, President Yushchenko said that “the parade of judicial nihilism and political speculations around the election are aiming to deprive Ternopil region community of its right for freedom of choice”.

He urged the community to be responsible and to demonstrate the power of democracy and law and expressed expectancy that Ministry of Justice and regional law enforcement bodies provide proper democratic election in Ternopil region.