Thursday, March 19, 2009

President meets European Commission President

In Brussels President Victor Yushchenko met with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Main subject for discussion became preparation to Brussels conference on modernization of Ukrainian gas transport system, scheduled on March 23.

Speaking about the summit President Yushchenko said that Ukraine is very interested in it and he is sure it would be resulting for both side.

Jose Manuel Barroso from his part said that the conference “gives Ukraine unique opportunity to demonstrate its dedication to modernization of its gas transport system”, which is very important for restoring confidence in Ukraine’s energy sector.

Beside that sides discussed Ukraine’s anti-crisis economic policy. According to Victor Yushchenko Ukraine has a plan of reaction towards all challenges of world financial crisis, adding that the authorities managed to optimize trade balance, which was one of the most complicated issues.

The President also said that restoring cooperation with the IMF is very important for Ukraine to successfully overcome the crisis and expressed expectancies that the Verkhovna Rada would adopt all legislative acts needed for that as soon as possible.

After settling its relations with the IMF, according to Victor Yushchenko, Ukraine plans to broaden cooperation with European Investment Bank, EBRD, and other financial institutions “to shape response to challenges of world financial crisis”.

European Commission President agreed that cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF is very important and said that it would favor Ukrainian investment climate recovery. “This support is important because the challenges are very serious”, - said Jose Manuel Barroso, adding that in times of global crisis all responsible politicians should unite in overcoming negative tendencies.