Thursday, March 19, 2009

President gives interview to German ARD

President Victor Yushchenko gave interview to German ARD network.

The President answered questions about Ukraine’s European integration and cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in energy field, internal political situation in the state, etc.

“It is clear that after the situation with supplies of gas to European Union countries the ideology of European gas policy is revised. Therefore the model of Ukrainian segment of European gas market should be transformed as well”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

He said that Ukraine is interested in integration of its gas transport system into the European network adding that “it is the best position for perspective use of Ukrainian gas transit system”. “We support diversification and realization of principles that would preserve Ukraine’s permanent participation in shaping European gas market”, - he stressed.

Also, speaking about plans of modernization of Ukrainian gas transit network with support from European countries to be discussed on March 23 at a special summit, Victor Yushchenko emphasized that in no case this support should be considered “some sort of present”. “We are talking about mutually beneficial partnership”, - he said, adding that the modernization would allow increasing volume of gas transported to Europe, as well as enhancing network’s reliability.