Saturday, March 28, 2009

President demands revision of approach to implementation of national target programs

Speaking about implementation of national target programs at today’s NSDC meeting, President Yushchenko emphasized that the programs need to be thoroughly revised.

Victor Yushchenko said that program approach is undoubtedly appropriate and universally accepted. However, for now there are “many drawbacks that practically render it worthless”.

He explained that the paradox is common, when substantial increase in financing does not produce expected results. One of the causes for that President Yushchenko named the number itself of state target programs. According to Ministry of Economy survey in 2008 there were 212 active national programs in Ukraine, which meant, in President’s words, absence of clear priorities in the process of their elaboration.

“If the Government tries to finance 212 programs it is a dissipation of resources. It is impossible to finance any of these programs enough”, - said Victor Yushchenko. Beside that he pointed to the fact that only 29 of these target programs do really meet the legislation. “The conclusion is that a large number of state programs was formulated and approved in non-public manner”, - he said.

Also, according to President Yushchenko, it is very often that target programs overlap, thus producing confusion and waste of resources. As an example he mentioned three state programs in Svitlovodsk, Kirovograd region, all of them foreseeing maintenance of city sewerage system. “The aim is right. Ut the approach is wrong: we have three programs, none of which is financed”, - he said.

In addition to that President Yushchenko pointed to disproportions in financing of target programs and irregularity of funds’ provision through the year.

Victor Yushchenko emphasized that it is crucial to provide both rational utilization of state funds and effective implementation of state target programs. He said that the number of programs should be reduced and responsibility for ineffective use of state funds should be hardened.