Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President addresses European Banking & Financial Forum.

In Prague President Victor Yushchenko took part in the European Banking & Financial Forum.

Addressing participants of the forum President Yushchenko expressed assurance that IMF mission would return to Ukraine already next week.

He reminded that Ukraine has to solve a number of internal economic and political problems such as introducing changes to the budget, balancing Pensions Fund and Naftogaz budget, etc. “As the President I will be the first to call upon the Government to begin deep reforms, liberalize prices and conduct comprehensible pension reform”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

President Yushchenko also expressed assurance that Ukraine would not allow default neither on corporate, nor on state obligations.

According to Victor Yushchenko in 2009 Ukrainian authorities would find answers to challenges in domestic economy and stressed that he does not share pessimism in this regard. “I suggest conducting a more detailed analysis and evaluation of the situation in Ukrainian economy”, - he said.