Monday, February 23, 2009

Vice Prime Minister Ivan Vasiunyk holds meeting with National Coordinators for European Championship of 2012

Led by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivan Vasiunyk a joint sitting of national coordinators, Coordination Bureau responsible for preparation and holding of the finals of the European Football Championship of 2012 in Ukraine and experts of the Football Federation of Ukraine was held.

The attendees have discussed implementation of the action plan of the third stage of preparation works to the Championship of 2012, which is underway since October of the last year till May of the current year.

According to the Vice Premier, the following two months will be especially arduous for the national coordinators, as in May the UEFA is to define the cities-hosts of the football feast. At this, Ivan Vasiunyk reminded Ukraine and Poland, with the view to the progress in both countries, have agreed on a joint position before the UEFA concerning the parity distribution of cities between the states.