Friday, February 6, 2009

President gives interview to ICTV

President Victor Yushchenko gave an interview to Ukrainian TV channel ICTV, during which he answered questions about winter Ukrainian-Russian gas dispute and freeing Faina cargo ship and its crewmembers from pirates.

Speaking about gas deals with Russia the President emphasized that Ukraine will continue abiding by the obligations as it has always been. “I would like to say firmly: Ukraine was never stealing Russian gas Ukraine has carried out its function as transit party, whish had been provided in relevant contract between Naftogaz of Ukraine and Gazprom”, - he said.

He emphasized that it is Russian side’s exclusive responsibility to keep up to obligations before European customers regarding volumes and schedules of gas supplies. Also, according to the President Russia has not announced any official and formal complaint about the contract therefore “all the rest is just politics evidently aiming to discredit Ukraine, inflame another international scandal and arrange another international show”.

Answering questions about freeing Faina cargo ship and its crewmembers from pirates President Yushchenko said that it was a very hard operation. He again thanked all the Ukrainian institutions that took part in the operation.