Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President gives interview to the Associated Press

In the interview for the Associated Press, he gave today, President Victor Yushchenko said that it is “wrong to dig up politicians from the past to make them work on the election campaign”. “The politicians, who use Leonid Kravchuk as their mouthpiece, are making a big mistake”, - he added.

Making comments on Leonid Kravchuk's statement, President Yushchenko said that noone would want to live in Ukraine of Kravchuk’s presidency times.

“Politician, who cares about this country, rather than about presidential election, should be stiff, professional, avoid populism and do right. It is hard to conduct such a policy, but this is my credo. I stand for the idea that in 2009 we must conduct the policy of common sense, rather than PR-campaigns. First of all this applies to the Government, the Parliament and the President”, - said Victor Yushchenko.