Friday, January 16, 2009

Ministry of Regional Development: International conference on transborder cooperation and development of the Black Sea region held

The Ministry of Building and Regional Development of Ukraine in synergy with the Council of Europe held an International conference into the issues of transborder cooperation and development of the Black Sea Euroregion.

The participants of the event saw presentation of methodical recommendations concerning coordination of projects in the area of transborder cooperation on the national and regional levels to harmonize with the European neighbourhood policy, discussion of approaches to elaborating of a national strategy of forming and development of transborder clusters, experience in elaborating of the projects in the zone of the Azov - Black Sea coast.

In the speeches of members of the conference it was stressed that the states of the Black Sea Euroregion are concerned in further activation of transborder cooperation in the area of ecological projects directed to protection of the region, agriculture, tourism, transport, culture exchange between the countries.

It is due to remind the first international conference into the issues of interregional cooperation in the basin of the Black Sea took place on March 30 of 2006 in Constanta initiated by Romania. The majority of states of the Black Sea region are represented on the level of regions, towns, provinces, autonomous republics. Among them are Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Armenia, Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey.