Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ministry of Industrial Policy: Chemical industry possesses enough resources to supply AIC with fertilizers

Despite insignificant difficulties in the work of chemical enterprises, facilities of the national producers of fertilizers have been preserved and ensure the needs of agricultural producers in the process of their agro-technical activity in full.

The facilities of national chemical enterprises amount 7.87 million tons of fertilizers, produced by 10 chemical enterprises. In particular, in Ukraine annually 6.2 million tons of nitrogen fertilizers, 1.4 million tons of phosphoric fertilizers and 0.270 million tons of potash fertilizers are produced.

To the view of Ministry of Industrial Policy, to raise the solvency of agricultural producers respective expenses in 2009 State Budget have to be envisaged. It anticipates the program of reduction the cost of national fertilizers for the needs of agro-industrial complex in the amounts of 700 million hryvnyas at the account of resources of Stabilization fund, targeting introduction of a respective compensation for the chemical enterprises.