Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Defence Ministry: New peace-keeping rotation in Liberia successfully starts service

The new Ukrainian rotation of the 56-th separate helicopter unit of Ukraine within the UNO mission has successfully commenced its service in Liberia.

Yesterday three crews of Mi-8 helicopters performed 15 flights during which transported 59 passengers and up to 300 kilograms of freight.

Under an adaptation plan for air crew of the new rotation to complicated climatic conditions and improvement of craftsmanship of young pilots all squadron-leaders have been perfoming flight tasks with instructors.

With a UNO Mission observer and security on board a Ukrainian crew has flown around three helipads located in faraway localities and conveyed passengers to Popolohun settlement. Afterwards the Ukrainian helicopter landed the military observer and an accompanying group and performed the flight back to the base airdrome.

The Ukrainian instructors serving their mission within the UNO Mission possess experience of work in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone and several places of Liberia.