Thursday, December 25, 2008

Defence Ministry: In works on liquidation of consequences of blast in residential building in Yevpatoriya almost 300 military officers and 14 items of equipment of AFU involved

Today the works on liquidation of consequences of the explosion in huge residential block of flats in Yevpatoriya are going on.

An active part in holding the works is being led by officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In total to Yevpatoriya almost 300 military officers and 14 items of equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived.

Notably, participating in the rescuing operation are around 200 officers of Naval Forces of Ukraine stationed in Saky and Donuzlav garrisons. Besides, around 90 officers of anti-missile regiment of the Pivden Air Command of the Air Forces of Ukraine arrived to search for survivors in the wreckage.

Working in two shifts the marines of Southern naval base and marine aviation brigade assist to representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in dismantling the mounds, searching of survivors and rendering aid to those injured.

In present time on the place of wreckage Commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine, Admiral Ihor Teniukh stays who is a member of operative staff on liquidation of consequences of emergency situation, functioning under leadership of the Minister of Emergencies of Ukraine Volodymyr Shandra.

Also in the Center of Coastal Defence Troops of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and in subordinate parts of the Ukrainian fleet operative groups to respond to emergency situations are deployed. On command, to the place of tragedy 13 items and 160 officers are ready to arrive. The military officers are to provide the victims with hot water and ensure proper conditions for warming. Machines are lined up in columns with everything necessary: tents, heaters etc. Around 80 donors from military marines have expressed readiness to donate blood for survivors from the blast.