Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SAI: Over last day drivers of prestige cars have conducted 403 gross violations of road rules

During the last day officers of the State Automobile Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine have registered 403 gross violations of the rules of road, conducted by drivers of prestige cars which cost over USD 100 thousand. The SAI workers have revealed 7870 violations of the Rules of road in total, 3791 out of which (48%) are gross violations which could have led to road accidents with grave consequences. These include driving vehicles in a state of intoxication, infringement of speed regime, driving on an inhibiting signal of a traffic controller or traffic lights, violation of passing rules, driving over crossings, rules of stopping and parking.

Administrative reports on the total sum of over one million hryvnyas have been drawn up.

Over the last day an accident rate has been downed. In particular, the number of road accidents with victims have decreased by almost one third. Death toll in the road accidents have fallen by 64% and the number of injured have downed by 33% as compared to the respective period of 2007.

3.5 thousand of SAI officers have been drawn to patrolling. From November 17 new intensified fines for violation of the Rules of road have been introduced in Ukraine.