Saturday, November 22, 2008

President writes letter to PG

President Victor Yushchenko wrote a letter to Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko requesting the office to investigate legality of some Government’s directions on utilization of Ukrainian earth entrails.

As president said in the letter, on September 24 and October 16 the Cabinet issued two decrees approving earlier suggestions by Ministry of Environmental Protection to provide 68 enterprises with special permits for utilization of earth entrails without arranging auctions.

According to President these decrees violate the law. He explains this position by the fact that Ukrainian earth entrails according to the Constitution are property of the Ukrainian nation. In addition the legislation, which regulates selling special permits for earth entrails utilization clearly oblige the Government to conduct proper auctions in order to ensure rational utilization of the entrails.

President Yushchenko also added that after making proper inspection of the decrees Ministry of Justice came to the same conclusions.

“With regard to the abovementioned please inspect legality of these decrees by the Cabinet of Ministers and apply proper measures in case they violate the legislation “, - wrote Victor Yushchenko in the letter. He also requested Prosecutor General to inform him on the results personally.