Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ministry of Regional Development: Vasyl Kuibida holds working meeting with Director of Cooperation Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Poland Marek Ziolkowski

Minister of Regional Development and Building of Ukraine Vasyl Kuibida held a working meeting with Director of the Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Marek Ziółkowski. During the event initiated by the Polish side Vasyl Kuibida and Marek Ziółkowski dwelt upon Eurointegration issues, international cooperation and technical assistance of the Republic of Poland to Ukraine.

In particular, as Marek Ziółkowski informed, the following year Poland plans to earmark around Euro 40 MN for realization of various development programs for a number of countries. Priority ones in this list for Poland appears Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia, as the Director of Cooperation Department put it. To realize the development programs in Ukraine the following year Poland intends to allocate around Euro 5 MN. However, the like sum has been earmarked for realization of over 100 programs this year, he said. According to him, such an amount of programs significantly disperse the funds, so the Minister of Regional Development and Building of Ukraine was suggested to choose priority directions to concentrate the planned money.

In his turn Vasyl Kuibida imparted that the Memorandum on cooperation between Ukraine and the European Commission for Regional Policy is being finalized agreed with Eurocommissioner Danuta Hübner. The Minister opined, it would be rational to determine development programs for the following year reasoning from the Memorandum on cooperation containing the priorities.