Thursday, November 20, 2008

Communal tariffs should be economically substantiated - President

President Victor Yushchenko gave an interview to Channel 5.

Speaking about his instruction, prohibiting increase of tariffs for communal services in Kyiv President Yushchenko explained that such increase should be economically substantiated. He also reminded that the tariffs should have been coordinated with National Commission on Energy Regulation, which forms tariffs policy and has appropriate calculations.

“Increase of tariffs that Kyiv Mayor has approved, many times exceed those recommended by Energy Regulation Commission”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

As another cause for stopping the new tariffs President named the fact that they are discriminatory towards some consumers such as commercial enterprises. “We should observe equality here and if someone wishes to introduce diversification, he should make it in accordance with the law”, - he said.

Beside that President Yushchenko reminded that regulation of tariffs policy lies in the authority of local government so the decision should have been approved by Kyiv City Council.