Monday, October 27, 2008

Agreement between Ukraine and Turkey on readmission to take effect in November

The second round of Ukrainian-Turkish negotiations on visa issues took place in Ankara. The Ukrainian delegation was headed by Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry's Consular Service Serhiy Borodenkov, the Turkish - by Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry's Consular Service Melih Ulueren.

As the Foreign Ministry sources told, during the negotiations a text of the Draft Agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Turkey on mutual simplification of visa procedures was discussed clause-by-clause.

It was noted that application of the provisions of this Agreement will touch upon a considerable number of citizens in Ukraine and Turkey, in particular, with regard to receiving free and multi-visas for the term of five years. At the same time, it was fixed that a consular duty for drawing up such visas will not exceed USD 20.

The parties came to an agreement to continue working over the designated Agreement with the aim of further simplification of a regime of mutual visits of citizens in the interests of both states, taking into consideration common aspiration of Ukraine and Turkey to integrate with the European Union.

During negotiations, an issue was also raised concerning protection of rights and legal interests of the Ukrainian citizens staying on the territory of Turkey.

In addition, on request of the Ukrainian party, the Turkish delegation head handed over a note on completion of interstate procedures on ratification of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Turkish Agreement on Readmission. Therefore, use of provisions of this Agreement by Ukraine and Turkey will be possible since November 19, 2008.

Readmission is return of illegal immigrants that got into the territory of one country from another country. In addition, readmission is an obligation of the country to accept back the migrants who illegally entered another country from its territory and were detained there. The readmission process envisages, in addition, existence of agreements between the states striving to solve own problems in a civilized way that were caused by unwelcomed guests, and assistance in case of extradition of criminals.