Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sees reason for aggravation of situation in South Ossetia in inefficiency of peace keeping mechanism acting there

The Foreign Ministry expresses concern over a number of armed incidents that occurred in South Ossetia (Georgia) recently and caused a loss of human lives, it was said in a commentary by Head of the Foreign Ministry Press Service Vasyl Kyrylych. Such development of events testifies to inefficiency of the peace keeping mechanism acting in the given region, the diplomat notes.

"The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry urges the conflicting parties to restraint, realization of their responsibility for the future of the region and to renewal of direct negotiations without any preconditions as a necessary step to de-escalation of the situation", Kyrylych noted.

Ukraine consistently stands for the necessity of settlement of the conflict exclusively by a peaceful way, based on observation of the principle of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, the comment by the Foreign Ministry's official representative emphasizes.