Sunday, August 10, 2008

President comes to Yasinya village, Zakarpattya

Within the framework of his visit to Zakarpattya region, President Victor Yushchenko came to Yasinya village, Rakhiv district to see restoration of the village after the storms and strengthening riverbanks of Chorna Tysa River.

There he also took part in laying the foundation of the new house for Yasynya many children family, which lost their home in the flood.

In his later interview to journalists President Yushchenko stressed that effective insurance system is needed in our state to provide proper protection against natural disasters risk.

According to him current restoration works are financed by the state with no other sources of funds available. Introduction of voluntary insurance of “at least a part of the property”, therefore, would prevent the state from taking all the burden of financing upon itself.

At the same time Victor Yushchenko stressed that “the state undoubtedly can not stay aside from such a disaster from moral point of view”.