Sunday, August 10, 2008

Consequences of ecological catastrophe in Kerch Strait removed, sea water free from pollution by oil products

No pollution by oil products revealed on the Black Sea and Azov Sea shores, the Information and Analytical Department of the Kerch City Council told.

According to the Kerch authorities, the city sanitary-epidemiological station regularly carries out monitoring as to contents of oil products in the sea water. During a recent control of the sea water, seven samples have been taken on the beach in Altihen, on the city beach and Starokarantynnyi Beach and on the Arshyntseva Split.

Oil products' contents in the studied samples are within the allowable values from 0,018 mg/cu dcm (milligram per cubic decimeter), noted in the Kerch City Council.

They were afraid in East Crimea that the resort season will be hampered by consequences of the ecological catastrophe that occurred in the Kerch Strait in autumn 2007. At that time, during a storm about 2,000 tons of black oil got into water that poured out from the sunken Russian tanker Volgoneft-139, and about 2.4 thousand tons of sulfur got into the sea from other Russian ships that wrecked.