Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ukrainian peacekeepers of UkrPolBat conduct humanitarian operation in Kosovo to render medical aid to residents of Serbian village of Susica

Ukrainian military doctors and their Polish and U.S. colleagues from the Multinational Brigade East of KFOR troops in Kosovo conducted a humanitarian operation to render medical aid to the residents of the Serbian village of Susica. The press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that two Ukrainian military doctors assisted by two Polish and seven U.S. doctors had participated in the charity event, while security was ensured by Ukrainian peacekeepers fulfilling their task in Camp Breza, the main home of the KFOR Ukrainian forces.

In a local school, the doctors rendered aid to around 100 residents of the village and nearby settlements within five hours.

The national contingent of the joint Ukrainian-Polish peacekeeping battalion UkrPolBat has fulfilled tasks in the Multinational Brigade East of KFOR troops from September 1, 1999.